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Release 1.0.8

(2019-04-24 15:16)


    SmallCubed MailSuite 1.0.8 introduces minor improvements, including the ability to use AppleScript to add tags to outgoing messages, and fixes minor issues

  • New: Adds 'Install Test Build…' menu item to SCS Debug Menu.
  • New: Adds Applescript vocabulary for setting tags on outgoing messages. MailTags 6.0.8 needs to be installed to use these vocabulary additions in your Applescripts.
  • Fixed: Addresses possibility that suite app will not come to foreground properly if launched in background.
  • Fixed: Fixes stability issue when installing test builds

Tealeaves App


Release 1.0.2

(2019-05-20 14:43)


  • Fixed: Made more compatible with other plugins.
  • Fixed: Removed notarization that was causing issues for some users.

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