MailSuite 2021


  • The latest version of MacOS 11
  • Mail

Release 2021.1.0(b519)

(2021-01-14 00:58)

    Improves installation/update process and communication with Mailsuite components.

  • New: Adds ability to skip updates.
  • New: Adds preference to enable/disable notice if Mail loads without MailSuite
  • New: Adds preference to install MailBundle into system library or user library
  • New: Will now show available updates if maintenance plan has ended with ability to extend plan.
  • Fixed: Fixes issue where updates were not displayed if component had no release notes
  • Fixed: Improves communication between components and Suite App

MailSuite 2019


  • The latest version of MacOS 10.13 - 10.15
  • Mail

Release 2019.0.2(b469)

(2020-11-22 19:44)

    MailSuite 2019 now will accept new (MailSuite 2020) registration codes.

  • New: Implements validation of SCS 2020 registration
  • Fixed: Suite App Opening at Launch when it should remain background



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