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Redmine Integration in Zendesk

Create a New Redmine Issue

Creating a new issue in Redmine based on customer input is easy as RedminePro will automatically complete details from the latest comment, which can always be edited of course. The project in Redmine can also be chosen automatically if you have a custom ticket field using the same values as the projects in Redmine.

Search for Existing Issues

Search directly in your Redmine for existing issues to add to the current ticket. Search by issue number or by text in the title of the issue. Once the issue is found, a single clik will add it to your Zendesk ticket.

Add Comment to Existing Issue

Update an existing attached issue in Redmine with a comment directly from within Zendesk. Allows the Zendesk user to ensure that the Redmine issue is kept up to date with the support status. The Redmine status can also be updated depending on workflow settings.


See the release notes for RedminePro


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