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Split and Close Tickets

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Split Ticket

Split to a new ticket based on the contents of the current one ⧫ Automatically fill split ticket from the latest comment ⧫ edit comments as needed ⧫ include custom fields ⧫ Creates a note on both the old and new tickets to easily refer one to the other ⧫ Add tag(s) to the new ticket ⧫ Add attachments to the new tickets

Close Ticket

Quickly close a ticket ⧫ Add comments to the ticket ⧫ Comment can be public or private.

List Oversized Attachments

Notify the user when an attachment does not show due to Zendesk limits ⧫ Download the original email containing the file to your desktop.

Split ‘N’ Close — Free Plan


  • Create a ticket based on the existing settings
  • Edit basic ticket fields
  • Automatically fills in the new ticket from the last comment
  • The first comment editable and public only
  • Links between parent and child tickets automatically visible
  • Comment can be added to parent ticket (public only)
  • Add all CCs to new split ticket automatically
  • Uses the same form as the parent ticket, if there is one


  • Add comment to why the ticket is being closed (public only)

Large Email Attachments

  • See when a ticket has a too large file attachment
  • Single-click to download original email to desktop

Split ‘N’ Close — Premium Plan


  • All the features of the Free version
  • Ability to make the new comment private
  • Edit custom fields
  • Choose which comments from parent to add to split ticket [New]
  • Assign different requester to split ticket [New]
  • Choose the assignee for the split ticket
  • Optionally add tags to the split ticket automatically
  • Define a default form to always use for split tickets
  • Add attachments (from ticket or computer) to the split ticket
  • Suppress callout in parent ticket by administrator


  • Can be disabled by an administrator
  • Ability to make a private comment



  • Zendesk Account

See the release notes for Split ‘N’ Close