Release 2019.0.6

(2019-12-06 21:48)

    Minor improvements and bug fixes.

  • New: Adds Menu item (Message menu) to remove conflicts from selected messages
  • Fixed: Issue rebuilding Tag Library at launch
  • Fixed: Keyword display in Classic view in 10.12-10.14
  • Fixed: Labels removed from composed gmail messages when sent in 10.15.1
  • Fixed: Layout issues when creating events/tasks
  • Fixed: Message list color not updating immediately on changing color
  • Fixed: Potential performance issues when loading message lists
  • Fixed: Tweaks row height and tag display in column view

Release 2019.0.5

(2019-11-25 15:35)

    Improves project management options to remove/rename projects on messages and minor bug fixes

  • Fixed: Adding Other project doesn't add to preferred list if checked
  • Fixed: Improves Project Management options
  • Fixed: Issue with changing project color while editing project name
  • Fixed: Issues with inheritance
  • Fixed: Layout issues in Columnview for large font sizes
  • Fixed: Sort Menu not showing MailTags items

Release 2019.0.4

(2019-11-14 06:42)

    Fixes critical issue in 2019.0.3 where MailTags would automatically archive gmail messages

  • Fixed: MailTags removing Gmail Inbox label inappropriately

Release 2019.0.3

(2019-11-13 00:32)

    Adds display of tags in column mode on MacOS 10.15 Catalina. Fixes other minor issues

  • New: Reintroduces viewing of Tags when in column view mode
  • Fixed: Addresses issue where rules may not load at launch
  • Fixed: Applescript command to clear all tags not working
  • Fixed: Case of project mailbox title when creating/renaming projects
  • Fixed: Layout Issues when no snippet lines
  • Fixed: MessageColor obscuring row highlight color
  • Fixed: Optimizations in Message counts

Release 2019.0.2

(2019-11-04 22:50)

    Bug fixes related to rules, projects, tickle mailbox criteria and stabilty

  • Fixed: Communication with MailActOn for project menu
  • Fixed: Infrequent crash when getting message headers
  • Fixed: Inherit rule actions not working
  • Fixed: Other Project Menu Item invalid
  • Fixed: Tickle MailBox criteria not working as expected

Release 2019.0.1

(2019-10-28 20:58)

    Fixes user reported issues -- particularly with Mail not downloading, rules not applying etc. (related to MailTags getting stuck when checking some message headers)

  • Fixed: Collect Projects not working
  • Fixed: Mail stuck on "Preparing for Move"
  • Fixed: Reordering Tag Sections not working

Release 2019.0.0

(2019-10-23 14:51)

    Initial release of MailTags 2019

  • New: Applescript can now manage MailTags rule criteria and rule actions
  • New: Communication with Tag sync services faster and more robust
  • New: Improvements to Project Management
  • New: Improvements to Tickle Date Rules
  • New: Tickle date autocompletion now includes message date