Release 2022.0.8(b7831)

(2023-05-01 22:52)

    Significant memory and peformance improvements when working with large number of messages and other fixes

  • Fixed: Addresses Memory issues when checking gmail labels
  • Fixed: Addresses Tag Import issues
  • Fixed: Fixes issue where messages marked deleted were included in Review date notifications
  • Fixed: Optimizes saving Labels to Gmail Server when tagging large # of messages.
  • Fixed: Significant memory and peformance improvements when working with large number of messages (>250k messages)
  • Fixed: Tasks always showing in past due

Release 2022.0.7(b7803)

(2023-03-22 02:34)

    Adds support for macOS 13.3. Fixes minor issues.

  • Fixed: Addresses crash when pushing tags to host email server
  • Fixed: Addresses potential lag when composing
  • Fixed: Issues with laying out Alternate Subject
  • Fixed: Performance issues when scrolling message list
  • Fixed: Review date notices not appearing
  • Fixed: Tags Lost when messages remotedly moved
  • Fixed: Tags not saved on composed messages if GPG installed

Release 2022.0.6(b7786)

(2023-01-09 23:33)

    Fixes minor issues

  • New: Adds Notes Exist/Do Not Exist criteria.
  • Fixed: Addresses Race condition when pushing keywords to Exchange servers
  • Fixed: Autohiding Review and Importance mailboxes not working
  • Fixed: Criteria for Tasks complete/incomplete not working as expected
  • Fixed: External projects not updating.
  • Fixed: Fixes Issue with Has No MailTags smart mailbox criteria
  • Fixed: MailTags Item not showing as selected in Sort Menu
  • Fixed: MailTags Items not appearing in Sort Menu On Ventura
  • Fixed: Smart Mailboxes with Any +MailTags criteria only returning MT results
  • Fixed: SmartMailboxes that nest SmartMailbox with MT Criteria are failing.
  • Fixed: Stability issues when searching on Ventura
  • Fixed: Tag mailboxes initially empty
  • Fixed: Ventura search now suggests based on any word in a keyword/project

Release 2022.0.5(b7739)

(2022-12-02 22:43)

    Fixes issues with searches on Ventura and issues with gmail labels.

  • Fixed: Muted Gmail Labels appearing in Keyword lists
  • Fixed: Variety of issues with searches in Ventura

Release 2022.0.4(b7718)

(2022-11-17 18:04)

    Resolves minor issues

  • Fixed: Crash at Launch in some circumstances
  • Fixed: Excessive communication with Exchange servers
  • Fixed: Issues with date suggestions
  • Fixed: MessageURLs not working in all cases
  • Fixed: Performance issues, especially at launch
  • Fixed: Project icons not appearing in MAO menus
  • Fixed: Searches now ignore emojis in Ventura

Release 2022.0.3(b7698)

(2022-11-03 19:08)

    Fixes for working with exchange accounts

  • Fixed: Issues with Exchange accounts
  • Fixed: Optimizations at launch

Release 2022.0.2(b7685)

(2022-10-31 22:13)

    Critical fix for Gmail labels. Other minor bug fixes

  • Fixed: Ambiguity with some review date criteria
  • Fixed: Keywords truncated in conversationView if > 1 message has keyword
  • Fixed: Message text not legible if colored.
  • Fixed: New gmail mailboxes not added as Labels to preferred list
  • Fixed: Project list not updating after drag
  • Fixed: Tag information not being saved to emlx file properly

Release 2022.0.1(b7666)

(2022-10-24 18:35)

    Adds support for macOS 13 (Ventura)

  • Fixed: All Keywords/Projects inuse incorrectly being promoted to preferred

Release 2022.0.0(b7664)

(2022-10-22 19:05)

    Adds support for macOS 13 (Ventura)

  • Fixed: Future mailbox criteria incorrect
  • Fixed: Issues with Specific Project and Keyword search suggestions
  • Fixed: Problems with checking for pending replies
  • Fixed: Search suggestions not appearing on Monterey
  • Fixed: Tag based Search Suggestions not always showing