Release 2021.5.0(b7369)

(2021-09-14 01:28)

    Minor improvements and fixes.

  • Fixed: Adds contextual menu to add remove project from preferred list from tag window
  • Fixed: Adds preference to auto add Project to preferred list
  • Fixed: Counts not displaying on smart mailboxes
  • Fixed: Crash when opening time machine
  • Fixed: Issue with handling Pending Replies in some instances
  • Fixed: Messages wth Events Not appearing in Review Mailboxes
  • Fixed: Name of Keyword and Project Mailboxes not updating to reflect changes in capitalization
  • Fixed: Rebuild window not closing at launch if no Tag Database found
  • Fixed: Tab key now accepts current typed project value as entry

Release 2021.4.0(b7319)

(2021-07-14 17:14)

  • Fixed: Fixeds several memory leaks
  • Fixed: Fixes potential crash when applying rules
  • Fixed: Fixes regression where keywords and projects could not be edited.
  • Fixed: Optimizations related to external projects
  • Fixed: Original subject rollover not disappearing
  • Fixed: Pending Messages not being processed on receiving reply

Release 2021.3.0(b7217)

(2021-05-18 00:21)

  • Fixed: Improves appearance of tag icon in printed messages
  • Fixed: Improves performance displaying project, keyword, review date suggestions.
  • Fixed: Issues with Archiving messages on some Gmail Accounts
  • Fixed: Issues with GmailLabels that are nested in parent mailboxes
  • Fixed: Issues with specific accents on gmail labels
  • Fixed: Optimization of communication with gmail wrt to label updates
  • Fixed: Stability issue related to change in messageList
  • Fixed: Stability issue related to displaying message
  • Fixed: Stability issue when processing Exchange actions
  • Fixed: Suggestions list now does not extend past size of screen.
  • Fixed: Tag window loses focus after setting specific tag data
  • OS Support: Compatibility issue with 11.4 betas

Release 2021.2.0(b7174)

(2021-04-07 17:56)

    This release adds the ability to mute projects and adds more options to review mailbox settings. It also includes several improvements related to viewing, sorting/searching Alternate Subject and the display of Notes

  • New: Add ability to mute projects. Muted projects will still show on messages but not in mailbox lists.
  • New: Adds View setting (view menu) to show Notes in snippet list.
  • New: Adds View setting (view menu) to show/suppress Alternate subject
  • New: Adds option to Review Mailbox Settings to include/exclude tomorrow in upcoming mailbox
  • New: Alternate Subject now appears in message display. Roll over the AltSubject icon to view original subject
  • New: Alternate Subjects now appear in Suggestions suggestions for subject
  • New: Sorting Messages now accommodate Alternate Subject (if set to show)
  • Fixed: Addresses performance issues when counting Importance mailboxes
  • Fixed: Issue with size of Tag tool bar icon if tool bar set to display name and icon.
  • Fixed: Issues where message may be marked deleted when when managing server labels for a gmail message
  • Fixed: Issues with undeleting Gmail messages in some circumstances
  • Fixed: Layout issues in snippet views for non-english langauges.
  • Fixed: Optimizations when displaying message list
  • Fixed: Stability issues when sorting
  • Fixed: Works around OS bug where Tasks (Reminders) created in MailTags would not sync to other devices.

Release 2021.1.2(b7082)

(2021-03-05 20:29)

    HotFix for stability issue when opening messages in Tomorrow mailbox

  • Fixed: Crash when selecting a message in Tomorrow mailbox

Release 2021.1.1(b7067)

(2021-03-01 17:29)

    The update contains several new features to help you manage your MailTags Mailboxes. You can now do more to manage preferred tags and how you locate your tagged messages right from the mailbox list. External projects (from Things or OmniFocus) are now more integrated into your list of perferred projects and Tags can now be searched more readily from spotlight and applications such as HoudahSpot 6.

  • New: Add Other Keywords/Project Mailbox to show messages with keywords/projects not in preferred list
  • New: Adds Importance Mailbox section
  • New: Adds Review Mailbox for Tomorrow
  • New: Adds preference to display message with faded color background (default initially on)
  • New: Alternative Subjects are now found in a Mail Search
  • New: Keywords and Projects can now be reordered by reordering there mailboxes
  • New: Keywords are now searchable via Spotlight (Search for "Keyword: xxx") and HoudahSpot 6
  • New: MailTags Mailbox Sections can now be turned off and on in Mail's View menu
  • New: Review Mailboxes can now by reordered by dragging or hidden (Right click on Review Mailbox)
  • New: Review and Importance Mailboxes can now automatically hide if empty (Right click section headers)
  • New: You can new drag message to keyword/project/Importance Mailboxes in Favorites Bar.
  • Fixed: Collecting keywords/projects may include items no longer in use
  • Fixed: Composer Tag Window not closing if triggered when already open
  • Fixed: Context menu to show messages with Keyword not working
  • Fixed: Copy and pasting keywords in a token field
  • Fixed: Editing tags on multiple messages and multiple notes/altSubjects now show "Multiple value"
  • Fixed: Improves responsiveness of messages counts whene Mail is busy
  • Fixed: Issue with messages being tagged with internal gmail labels when being moved from some gmail account to non gmail accounts.
  • Fixed: Issue with updating display of tags on thread parent when tags on child messages are modified.
  • Fixed: Keyword display order not working
  • Fixed: Keyword list now displays +x marker when list is truncated in message list
  • Fixed: Problem parsing potential incorrect column information
  • Fixed: Problems with smart mailbox criteria project does not contain
  • Fixed: Review dates returning for EWS messages
  • OS Support: Adds compatiblity for 11.3

Release 2021.1.0(b6971)

(2021-01-14 00:58)

  • New: Can now create preferred keywords and projects by clicking (+) button in section headers of mailbox list.
  • Fixed: Addresses stability issue when tagging large groups of messages.
  • Fixed: Checkbox in Message header view to mark task complete not working
  • Fixed: Color swatch for calendars not appearing in task and event menus
  • Fixed: Criteria Keyword does not contain None not working
  • Fixed: Fixes "Forgot Password" workflow to allow user to enter sent code
  • Fixed: Fixes Initial selection of keywords when opening tag window
  • Fixed: Freeze when choosing color for project
  • Fixed: German Localization issues
  • Fixed: High CPU issues when collecting messages for smart mailboxes
  • Fixed: Incorrect appearance of selected table row in inactive window
  • Fixed: Intermittent Stability issues
  • Fixed: Issue with hovering over account row in mailbox list
  • Fixed: Issues fetching tag data from sync services
  • Fixed: Issues with "None" value for Non-English languages. People experiencing continued issues evaluating "None" should edit and save smartmailboxes/rules following update.
  • Fixed: Issues with reading color preferences
  • Fixed: Issues with rules setting Project to None
  • Fixed: Project Suggestion order does not reflect Preferred project order
  • Fixed: Reminder date field not initially enabled when creating a task.
  • Fixed: Row Color not updating in a timely fashion
  • Fixed: SMB criterion MailTags task incomplete not working
  • Fixed: Truncation of descenders for subject in Snippet list.

Release 2020.0.3(b6924)

(2020-12-11 19:16)

    Fixes several user interface issues

  • New: Adds MailTags tool to default MailToolbar
  • Fixed: Adds extra debug information to message count log
  • Fixed: Fixes further issues saving Tag column settings
  • Fixed: Fixes minor issues with Tag mailboxes
  • Fixed: Issues with partial snippet showing although preferences specifies 0 lines
  • Fixed: Makes appearance of Edit Keyword and Edit Project window consistent

Release 2020.0.2(b6904)

(2020-12-03 21:16)

    Fixes minor issues

  • Fixed: Background colors base on tags not displaying in Column View
  • Fixed: Changing Waiting Keyword does not change contents/counts of Awaiting Mailbox
  • Fixed: Crash if keyword length is 0
  • Fixed: External Projects not showing in Tag Window
  • Fixed: Location of tag window if not enough room to left of screen
  • Fixed: Memory optimization
  • Fixed: Optimization in fetching tags from SmallCubed server
  • Fixed: Tag Window not accepting edits in some circumstances
  • Fixed: Tag column settings are not remembered when switching mailboxes or relaunching

Release 2020.0.1(b6887)

(2020-11-25 23:11)

    Adds Support for Apple Sillicon Processors and fixes minor issues

  • Fixed: Counts not showing for keyword mailboxes that contain spaces
  • Fixed: Disclosure button to expand threads not working in Column View
  • Fixed: Drag and drop of message on to Keyword and Projects not working
  • Fixed: Issue where defaults for Tag Window section may be incorrect
  • Fixed: Issue where double clicking on tag icon would open two tag windows and one could not be closed
  • Fixed: Issues with muted labels being unmuted in some circumstances
  • Fixed: Location of tag window when message is towards bottom of screen
  • Fixed: Performance issues when counting tag conflicts
  • Fixed: Snippets are being cut off in conversation views
  • OS Support: Adds support for computers with Apple M1 Chips

Release 2020.0.0(b6854)

(2020-11-17 23:04)

    Official Release

  • New: "Tickle Date" has been renamed "Review Date" through out. (English localization only)
  • New: Adds "Alternate Subject" field. Notes that were marked as "Show as Subject" are automatically converted to Alternate Subject. (Alternate subject is not compatible with earlier versions when synchronizing tag data)
  • New: Adds preference to show tag section if data is set even though section is not turned on by default
  • New: Holding down command key when opening tag window now shows all tagging options if preferences are a subset
  • New: Improved appearance of tags in message list and message display
  • New: Tag window completely redesigned for macOS 11.0
  • OS Support: Provides support for macOS 11.0 (BigSur)