Release 2020.0.1(b6887)

(2020-11-25 23:11)

    Adds Support for Apple Sillicon Processors and fixes minor issues

  • Fixed: Counts not showing for keyword mailboxes that contain spaces
  • Fixed: Disclosure button to expand threads not working in Column View
  • Fixed: Drag and drop of message on to Keyword and Projects not working
  • Fixed: Issue where defaults for Tag Window section may be incorrect
  • Fixed: Issue where double clicking on tag icon would open two tag windows and one could not be closed
  • Fixed: Issues with muted labels being unmuted in some circumstances
  • Fixed: Location of tag window when message is towards bottom of screen
  • Fixed: Performance issues when counting tag conflicts
  • Fixed: Snippets are being cut off in conversation views
  • OS Support: Adds support for computers with Apple M1 Chips

Release 2020.0.0(b6854)

(2020-11-17 23:04)

    Official Release

  • New: "Tickle Date" has been renamed "Review Date" through out. (English localization only)
  • New: Adds "Alternate Subject" field. Notes that were marked as "Show as Subject" are automatically converted to Alternate Subject. (Alternate subject is not compatible with earlier versions when synchronizing tag data)
  • New: Adds preference to show tag section if data is set even though section is not turned on by default
  • New: Holding down command key when opening tag window now shows all tagging options if preferences are a subset
  • New: Improved appearance of tags in message list and message display
  • New: Tag window completely redesigned for macOS 11.0
  • OS Support: Provides support for macOS 11.0 (BigSur)