Indev and Little Known first met at a developers conference in 2009. After realizing we shared a mutual interest in both Mail plugins and single malt whiskeys, we started a working relationship that saw Scott Little of Little Known working on some of Indev’s products. In March of 2015, we decided that our working relationship had developed into a partnership and it was time that we pool our expertise and form SmallCubed — a new company that will carry our suite of Mail related products into the future.

Chief spelunker and instigator

Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison of Vancouver Island, Canada, developed Mail Act-On in 2004 and MailTags in 2005 and hasn’t looked back. The product suite of MailTags, Mail Act-On and MailPerspectives is use by thousands of Mac users daily to bring sanity and fluidity to their email workflows. Scott Morrison has also been actively involved in the Mac Indie Developer Community as a speaker at several conferences and a co-founder of the Çingleton Conference in Montreal.

Programmer and back-end wizard

Scott Little

Scott Little is based in Gdansk, Poland and the founder of Little Known Software. He has worked in software development for over 20 years and has specialized in the development of plugins for Apple’s for over 10 years. Scott has collaborated with other prominant Mail Plugin companies, such as Creative In Austria, and Feingeist Software and brought Little Known’s products SignatureProfiler and Tealeaves to SmallCubed. He is our back-end wizard an server go-to guy.

Website and cat herding

Beth is perhaps the main ingredient in the glue that has formed SmallCubed. Beth brings experience in systems’ adminstration, databases and networking. Beth streamlines our SmallCubed workflows, builds websites, maintains our support systems and stores and cracks the whip. She has also played a key role in the organization of the Çingleton conferences in Montreal.

Our Site is hand coded with love in Canada & Poland. The logo was designed by Scott Morrison, the website was designed by Beth Wall and content was contributed by the whole SmallCubed team.

The site uses Google fonts Raleway and Maven Pro, is hosted on an Amazon S3 instance and is designed and maintained in Jekyll 3 using a Foundations 6 framework.