Mail Act-On


Release 2019.0.8

(2020-03-25 16:25)

    Fixes minor issues

  • Fixed: Localization issue with outbox rule criterion menu item "Delivery Account Is"
  • Fixed: MAO rule applied to prior message not changing MailTags on message
  • Fixed: Missing "Message has Flag" criterion item in Act-On Rules
  • Fixed: Newly added critierion rows not showing after addition in rule editor
  • Fixed: Potential crash when applying act-on rules from single message viewers

Release 2019.0.7

(2020-02-26 01:29)

    Fixes minor issues introduced since last update

  • Fixed: Open Mailbox menu not showing when MailTags installed

Release 2019.0.6

(2020-02-19 23:20)

    Fixes several minor issues managing rules and moving messages

  • Fixed: Checkbook to toggle active state of Outbox and Act-On rules not working properly on 10.15
  • Fixed: Copying/Moving rules between sets not working as expected
  • Fixed: Criterion list not scrolling if too long
  • Fixed: Issues with Any Recipient In Group criterion
  • Fixed: Issues with Move to Mailbox in Rules
  • Fixed: Outbox Rule moving message to gmail labels not reliable.
  • Fixed: Performance Issues

Release 2019.0.5

(2019-12-06 21:48)

    Fixes minor issues with moving messages and application of act-on rules

  • Fixed: Crash when evaluating specific rule criterion
  • Fixed: Problem moving gmail messages on 10.14 or earlier

Release 2019.0.4

(2019-11-25 15:35)

    Fixes minor issues with moving messages and application of act-on rules

  • Fixed: Issue where Act-OnRule preference may not update if rules externally synced
  • Fixed: Issue with layout of rule preferences on MacOS 10.12
  • Fixed: Issues With moving messages from searches/smartmailboxes
  • Fixed: Issues with Applying MAO rule to prior messages
  • Fixed: PreferredMailbox menu not available on MacOS 10.13
  • Fixed: Stability issue with undoing act-On rule

Release 2019.0.3

(2019-11-13 00:32)

    Fixes issues with order of Mailboxes and accounts. Addresses issue with outbox rules and stability issues when sending.

  • Fixed: Address stability issues when replying with template
  • Fixed: Crash when changing delivery account via outbox rule
  • Fixed: Crash when sending messages in some circumstances
  • Fixed: MAO actions not always working in Mail Perspectives windows
  • Fixed: Order of Accounts in Move/Copy now reflects order in Inbox list
  • Fixed: Outbox rule criteria not working
  • Fixed: Sort order of Mailboxes in Move/Copy to menu

Release 2019.0.2

(2019-11-04 22:50)

    Bug Fixes related to Projects, Regular expressions in rules, saving rules changes, and stability

  • Fixed: Act-on Rule keystroke removal not being saved
  • Fixed: Crash when setting delivery account in outbox rule
  • Fixed: Display of Omnifocus/Things projects in project menu
  • Fixed: Regular expressions for rule criterion not working

Release 2019.0.1

(2019-10-28 20:58)

    Fixes minor issues reported by users

  • Fixed: AppleScript not executing when performed in Act-On Rule

Release 2019.0.0

(2019-10-23 14:52)

    Initial release of Mail Act-On 2019

  • New: Act-on rules and Outbox rules now Applescriptable
  • New: Adds Create with Template
  • New: Adds day and time outbox rule criteria
  • New: Adds option to change font size, table appearance of menus window
  • New: Option to limit scope of Menus to account(s) of selected message(s)
  • New: Standardizes Version to 2019.0.0