Mail Act-On


Release 2022.0.8(b4007)

(2023-05-01 22:52)

    Minor stability fixes

  • Fixed: Resolves minor stability issues.

Release 2022.0.8(b4004)

(2023-04-17 14:38)

    Fixes minor issue with templates

  • Fixed: Act-On menu not showing list of templates when replying with template

Release 2022.0.7(b3996)

(2023-03-22 02:34)

    Adds support for macOS 13.3. Fixes minor issues.

  • Fixed: Potential crash at launch
  • Fixed: Support for macOS 13.3

Release 2022.0.6(b3976)

(2023-01-09 23:33)

    Fixes minor issues

  • Fixed: Addresses stability issues.
  • Fixed: Issue where post delivery outbox rule actions would not apply if predeliver actions made message invalid for rule.

Release 2022.0.5(b3939)

(2022-12-06 00:25)

  • Fixed: Critical fix where outbox rules were misapplied to messages

Release 2022.0.4(b3937)

(2022-12-02 22:43)

    Fixes to outbox rule actions

  • Fixed: Predelivery outbox rule actions not applying in some circumstances
  • Fixed: Predelivery outbox rule actions that change message may result in post delivery actions not being applied.
  • Fixed: Rule action to delivery delivery by seconds is delaying by minutes.

Release 2022.0.3(b3926)

(2022-11-17 18:04)

    Resolves minor issues

  • Fixed: Crash when applying Outbox rule contains signature action
  • Fixed: Recent Keyword and Project not showing in menus
  • Fixed: Signatures applied with outbox rules being added multiple times if there is a confirm delivery rule action
  • Fixed: Signatures applied with outbox rules not filling in some information

Release 2022.0.2(b3913)

(2022-11-03 18:57)

    Minor bug fixes

  • Fixed: Stability issues when forwarding messages via rule

Release 2022.0.1(b3906)

(2022-10-31 22:13)

    Minor bug fixes

  • Fixed: Crash deregistering a Scheduled message
  • Fixed: Crash when opening a failed delivery
  • Fixed: MailTags menu Keys overriding User defined menu keys

Release 2022.0.0(b3892)

(2022-10-22 19:05)

    Adds support for macOS 13 (Ventura)

  • Fixed: Reply with Template not working on Monterey