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Release Notes


  • The latest version of MacOS 11 (Big Sur)
  • The latest version of MacOS 12 (Monterey)
  • Mail

Release 2021.8.3(b607)

(2022-06-08 21:02)

    Minor fixes

  • Fixed: Fixes issue with mailbundle installation.
  • Fixed: Fixes memory leaks

Release 2021.8.2(b604)

(2022-03-08 21:02)

    Minor fixes

  • Fixed: Fixes issues with Preferences for install location and update check frequency
  • Fixed: Tweaks wording on main screen buttons to manage components/registration.

Release 2021.8.1(b597)

(2021-11-29 16:17)

Release 2021.8.0(b595)

(2021-11-22 17:21)

  • New: Improves Notification of End of Maintenance Plan

Release 2021.7.0(b580)

(2021-10-22 18:48)

    Add compatibility for mac OS 12 Monterey

  • OS Support: Adds support for macOS 12 Monterey

Release 2021.6.0(b575)

(2021-09-20 18:29)

    Fixes minor issues with installing test builds,updating, and switching to foreground/background.

  • Fixed: Issues with automatically transitioning between background and foreground mode
  • Fixed: Issues with installing SuiteApp updates.
  • Fixed: Issues with installing test build disabling MailSuite MailBundle

Release 2021.5.0(b561)

(2021-09-14 01:29)

    Adds compatibility for Monterey. Fixes minor issues.

  • Fixed: Minor issues with registration
  • OS Support: Monterey Compatibility

Release 2021.4.0(b556)

(2021-07-14 17:14)

    Adds compatibility for macOS 11.5 Adds compatibility for Monterey Developer Public Beta

  • OS Support: Adds Compatibility for macOS 12 (Monterey) Public Beta

Release 2021.3.0(b547)

(2021-05-18 00:21)

    This update is essential to accommodate changes to Mail in macOS 11.4. This update also fixes some registration issues, several stability issues, some issues with working with Gmail Labels, and other minor issues

  • Fixed: Legacy registrations not automatically being updated properly after plan purchase.
  • Fixed: New updates may be shown as outside of maintenance plan

Release 2021.2.0(b542)

(2021-04-07 18:16)

  • Fixed: Improves parsing of Messages when importing

Release 2021.1.1(b539)

(2021-03-01 17:17)

    This update is essential to accommodate changes to Mail in macOS 11.3. As well each of our components receive new major or minor feature and numerous fixes for reported issues. You can view short videos on the new features at our what’s new page:

  • Fixed: Fixes issue with location of preferences on 11.3
  • Fixed: Improves communication with third party applications for fetching project information

Release 2021.1.0(b519)

(2021-01-14 00:58)

    Improves installation/update process and communication with Mailsuite components.

  • New: Adds ability to skip updates.
  • New: Adds preference to enable/disable notice if Mail loads without MailSuite
  • New: Adds preference to install MailBundle into system library or user library
  • New: Will now show available updates if maintenance plan has ended with ability to extend plan.
  • Fixed: Fixes issue where updates were not displayed if component had no release notes
  • Fixed: Improves communication between components and Suite App

Release 2020.0.4(b500)

(2020-12-15 16:57)

    Fixes issue where updates to the mailbundle were not being found and installed

  • Fixed: Mailbundle not properly included in update checks

Release 2020.0.3(b496)

(2020-12-11 19:17)

    Fixes minor registration and installation issues

  • Fixed: Fixes issue with validating Extended trial codes
  • Fixed: Fixes problems installing in paths containing symbolic links
  • Fixed: Fixes purchase link on registration window

Release 2020.0.2(b488)

(2020-12-03 21:17)

    Minor Improvements

  • Fixed: Addresses potential registration validation issues
  • Fixed: Memory Optimizations

Release 2020.0.1(b477)

(2020-11-25 23:12)

    Adds Support for Apple Sillicon Processors and fixes minor issues

  • OS Support: Adds support for computers with Apple M1 Chips

Release 2020.0.0(b464)

(2020-11-17 23:01)

    Official Release

  • New: Introduces SmallCubed Maintenance Plan for receiving updates and data synchronization
  • New: Removes compatibility with macOS 10.15 and earlier
  • OS Support: Provides support for macOS 11.0 (BigSur)