Release 2021.8.2(b1796)

(2022-06-08 21:02)

    Support for MacOS 12.3

  • Fixed: Stability issues related to Hide My Address

Release 2021.8.1(b1785)

(2022-03-08 21:02)

    Support for MacOS 12.3

  • OS Support: Adds Support for Mac OS 12.3

Release 2021.8.0(b1764)

(2021-11-22 17:12)

  • Fixed: Compatibility with macOS 12.1

Release 2021.7.0(b1758)

(2021-10-22 18:47)

    Add compatibility for mac OS 12 Monterey

  • Fixed: Confict with Mailbulter when opening preferences
  • OS Support: Adds support for macOS 12 Monterey

Release 2021.5.0(b1743)

(2021-09-14 01:28)

    Adds minor improvements

  • New: Signatures can now be reorded by dragging and dropping

Release 2021.4.0(b1730)

(2021-07-14 17:14)

  • Fixed: Regression where link for Skype Button was removed

Release 2021.3.0(b1716)

(2021-05-18 00:21)

  • Fixed: Incorrect test in the URL placeholder editor
  • Fixed: Localizations for blog editing dialog

Release 2021.2.0(b1706)

(2021-04-07 17:56)

    Adds more templates for use when displaying blog posts (fetched from your RSS feeds)

  • New: Adds Templates to Dynamic Blog (RSS) feeds. Adds more flexibility to set style, colors and more when Sig Pro includes your latest RSS post as part of your signature in your messages.
  • Fixed: Issue updating signature preview when account changed.
  • Fixed: Issues displaying Categories for quotes
  • Fixed: Issues displaying all signatures account row.

Release 2021.1.1(b1666)

(2021-03-01 17:29)

    This update adds a new token for the category of a quotation and minor fixes.

  • New: Add placeholder for Quote Category
  • Fixed: Fixes issue with Skype settings

Release 2021.1.0(b1641)

(2021-01-14 00:58)

    Fixes minor issues

  • New: Adds ability to specify dimensions of image when adding to signatures.
  • Fixed: Adds better user notification if a quote tag cannot be added to a signature
  • Fixed: Incorrect display of quote file path in preferences
  • Fixed: Memory optimization

Release 2020.0.2(b1627)

(2020-12-03 21:16)

    Fixes minor issues

  • Fixed: Memory optimization

Release 2020.0.1(b1614)

(2020-11-25 23:11)

    Adds Support for Apple Sillicon Processors and fixes minor issues

  • Fixed: Hang at launch when reading SigPro defaults
  • OS Support: Adds support for computers with Apple M1 Chips

Release 2020.0.0(b1602)

(2020-11-17 23:04)

    Official Release

  • OS Support: Provides support for macOS 11.0 (BigSur)