SmallCubed ZenDesk Terms & Conditions

  • Purchases of one of our Zendesk apps (RedminePro and Split’N‘Close) is provided by Stripe via Zendesk.
  • By using our apps, you agree that we are not responsible for any data loss, though we will do everything in our power to avoid these types of issues and try to fix them if they do occur.
  • We respect your privacy and will not share personal information with anyone. See our privacy policy.
  • Our store and support sites are hosted by third parties. They process all information to do with sales and support respectively. They do not share personal information with anyone. Our store does not provide us with any payment information or credit card numbers. We receive only the information we need to complete business transactions such as contact information and what was purchased, or what support was requested.
  • You can request to know what information we have about you and ask us to delete whatever you deem necessary - unless we need to keep it for legal reasons (such as having to keep records of sales).
  • We do not knowingly do business with children under the age of 13.
  • We may collect the Zendesk domain for your app and the number of different users accessing the app. However that is the only information that we collect and nothing besides the domain is identifiable. No information that we collect will be shared with any other parties.

For additional information, or to express your comments or concerns, please contact us: