SmallCubed Privacy Policy

In Short

  • This policy covers and
  • We respect your privacy and will not share personal information with anyone.
  • By using our site you are agreeing to our privacy policy.
  • Our store and support sites are hosted by third parties. They process all information to do with sales and support respectively. They do not share personal information with anyone. Our store does not provide us with any payment information or credit card numbers. We receive only the information we need to complete business transactions such as contact information and what was purchased, or what support was requested.
  • You can request to know what information we have about you and ask us to delete whatever you deem necessary - unless we need to keep it for legal reasons (such as having to keep records of sales).
  • We do not knowingly do business with children under the age of 13.

The Longer Version

SmallCubed respects your right to privacy. We understand the sensitive nature of privacy issues and the company takes measures to ensure that the confidentiality of our clients and web users is protected. SmallCubed does not distribute, sell, or rent any of the information collected about our website users or clients.

By using the SmallCubed site and products, you indicate your agreement to the collection and use of your information by SmallCubed as outlined in this privacy policy. Please note that this policy is subject to change and updates will be posted on this page when there has been a change, or a new service or product has been added to our offerings from time to time. We therefore encourage you to visit it periodically to review our practices and updates.


This policy applies to the collection, use, storage and disclosure of information by SmallCubed. It applies to the domains and The presence of the “smallcubed” alone does not guarantee the applicability of this policy, as both our store and our customer support pages use “smallcubed”, but are wholly separate sites, hosted by third parties that have their own privacy policies.

Information Collected

By using any of SmallCubed sites, or its support, or store sites, you will be providing SmallCubed with certain limited anonymous information, based on your activities. This information cannot be traced back to you, or matched up to personally identifying information in any way - it is completely anonymous, and will only be used in aggregate form with the information collected from other site visitors. Should you choose to correspond with, or participate in any of SmallCubed’s services or products, however, you will be asked to provide personally identifiable information, in order that we may respond, or do business with you. Please see below for more details on the kinds of anonymous and identifiable information SmallCubed collects.

ANONYMOUS: When a user visits SmallCubed, they leave a “trail” of electronic information, which is collected and stored on our servers. This information, often referred to as traffic, or click-stream data is not personally identifiable nor is it possible to combine with any kind of identifiable information we may collect from you by other means (see Personally Identifiable Information, below). Rather, click-stream data consists of very limited and specific information about your computer, your browser, and its activities. For example: your computer’s IP address, its operating system, the type and version of your browser, the date and time, the length of time spent on each page, search terms, and referral data.

This anonymous information is used to monitor our traffic and servers, as well as to screen for fraudulent behavior or abnormalities. It is also used to compile statistics and perform research by analyzing it in aggregate form, which in turn helps us to improve our services and offerings to both users of our sites and services.

PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION: In certain limited circumstances, SmallCubed may gain access to your personally identifiable information. This information is made available to SmallCubed voluntarily, when a user or potential client specifically and knowingly provides it to us, in order to correspond with us, or to receive a service they’ve requested.

  1. Correspondence: When a site user or potential client gives comments, questions, information requests, or feedback to SmallCubed by email (either directly or through one of our online forms) and includes an email address and/or contact information, SmallCubed will use this information in order to respond. The contact information provided, however, is not stored in any kind of database. It is only maintained as a record of past correspondence, either in the responders’ files or sent items in their email software.
  2. Special Offers: When you participate in special offers, or purchase any of our products, the collection of contact information is often required for registration. In some instances, these are co-sponsored and so your information will be shared with that particular partner.
  3. Registration/Application for Services: Potential clients who wish to subscribe to or use downloadable software trials or Web-based applications provided by SmallCubed will be requested to provide personally identifiable or financial information in order to gain access to these programs. The collection of this information is part of regular business practices and is necessary in order to complete transactions and properly run and administer these services. Should anyone be uncomfortable providing this information to SmallCubed, they can choose not to participate.

Information collected during the registration or application processes, include but is not limited to: company name, name, email, physical address, and phone number. Overall, personally identifiable information of SmallCubed clients is used for administrative needs, to maintain account information, and to process billing and payments.

MailSuite Synchronization

The MailSuite application and its components include a synchronization feature for Tag information on emails and some settings information. All of the information that is synchronized is encrypted end-to-end, so that even SmallCubed does not have access to the underlying data that is synchronized. In addition, no emails are ever included in the synchronized information, only the tag data about an email. We used hashed identifiers to link the data to emails so that we can relink that info to the email on the original and other devices. The one-way hash (meaning that the you cannot go from the hash back to the information used to make the hash) is derived from headers of the message that do not change, such as date and sender.

In addition, the Sync Profile is linked to data using hashed values only as well. For instance, each account that is synchronized by the profile is linked using a hash identifier for the account. The only piece of information that we store unhashed or unencrypted is the email address used as the Profile identifier. This is to ensure that we can email that user in case a password reset is needed.

In addition, from our products, users can initiate a complete deletion of all this information stored in our system, including the profile itself. This can be done at any time without need for our direct intervention, as long as the user still has access to the Profile’s email address (to which a code is sent to finalize the deletion).

Unsolicited Contact & Communication

SmallCubed will not sell, rent, or disclose any of the contact information we have collected from you to third parties, except as described in this document (see Special Offers, above and Information Sharing, below).

We, however, may occasionally wish to communicate with our customers in order to provide them with information relevant to the services we provide or the management of their accounts. This might include newsletters or notices of new services or offers from SmallCubed or selected partners that could be of interest. In addition, we will provide clients with their initial activation and welcome email, service and system updates, account and balance warnings and confirmation emails.

As part of our service, our Customer Service Department routinely communicates with members by email to respond to questions or issues relating to their account, or to offer optimization services. We may also solicit some of our clients from time to time, either online or by email, to participate in client surveys. Participation in these surveys is voluntary, and the information collected provides SmallCubed with valuable feedback on our services, which in turn, helps us to improve them.

SmallCubed respects your right to unsubscribe from our company offers and newsletters at any time. To do so, please contact our Customer Service Department ( Please note, that this does not include status or confirmation emails related to your account activity.

Information Sharing

SmallCubed may share statistical information we gather with business partners, sponsors, and other selected third parties. This sharing of information is done only in an aggregate form for statistical purposes.

Your personally identifiable information, submitted during your registration or application, is shared only with third party companies who provide SmallCubed with administrative services required to conduct business with our clients and provide them with the services they have signed up for. Examples include: third-party credit card processing; credit checks; money transfers and auditing and customer support. Under no circumstances do these service partners or SmallCubed disclose any of your personally identifiable information, unless we are obligated to do so by law (due to a court order, subpoena, etc), or to protect SmallCubed, our users, or the general public.


Any data collected and stored on SmallCubed’s servers is considered proprietary and confidential, and is not available to the public. We have security measures in place to help protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of user and customer data under our control. As data security is constantly evolving, we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration of the data will not occur, but will do our utmost to prevent against any such occurrences.

Clients’ personally identifiable information is password protected and restricted within our organization to employees that need access to this information in order to correspond with you, operate the website or provide a particular service.

Children Under 13 Years of Age

In light of the concern over protecting children’s privacy online, SmallCubed does not knowingly request, collect, or share personally identifiable information from users under the age of 13. Our websites, products and services are neither developed for, nor directed at, children.

For additional information, or to express your comments or concerns, please contact us: