MailSuite FAQ

  1. Do I need to install all four components even if they currently only use one or two?
    • No. With MailSuite, you have access to all components, but you can enable or disable specific components according to your needs.

  2. Can I use MailSuite without the Tag Syncing service?
    • Yes. The Tag syncing server is optional. You will only need to create a syncing profile if you need to sync tags across more than one computer.

  3. If I am using MailTags 5 on one computer and MailSuite on a newer computer, will the tags sync?
    • No. The format from the older version of MailTags (4 & 5) is not compatible with the format in MailSuite.
    • MailSuite 2019 can be installed on any computer running macOS 10.12 to macOS 10.15. MailSuite 2020 will run only on Big Sur - tags on MailSuite 2019 & MailSuite 2020 will sync.

  4. Will I be able to see my tagged messages when I am offline?
    • Yes. MailTags will continue to store tagging information locally on your device. If you are registered for syncing services, tags will sync when you go online.
    • The syncing server will only be necessary if you want to have the same tag data on multiple devices.

  5. If I stop using the Tag Syncing server will I lose my tags on messages?
    • No. You will still have the local storage of your tags, only the syncing of tags will be stopped. If you stop using the tagging service, you will not have the same tags on each of your computers.

  6. Can we host our own syncing service?
    • No, not for now. However, we are planning to provide the option to host your own server.

  7. Is tag information stored on your servers secure and private?
    • Yes. Tag information is end-to-end encrypted. This means that data is encrypted before it is sent to our server and can only be decrypted on your other devices using the same profile. SmallCubed does not have access to the keys that are used to encrypt/decrypt the data.

      If you want more information about this, consult our security document (

  8. Now that you are providing a Tag Syncing Service, are you moving to a subscription model?
    • No. If you purchase MailSuite you will get the application and ongoing updates for a year.
    • At the end of the year, you can continue to use your version of MailSuite without upgrades or sync services for as long as the applicaiton will run on your machine. Or, you can join our Maintenance Plan and continue to get upgrades and syncing services
If you have any questions, please contact us by creating a support ticket.