MailSuite Installation

Installing Mailsuite

Download the 30 day trial of MailSuite.
Purchasing remove the time limitation on the trial.

To install MailSuite, double-click on the scs.x.x.dmg file in the “Downloads” folder. In the opened window double-click the SmallCubed icon to open the MailSuite app. When opening MailSuite from the Disk Image, MailSuite will automatically add a copy to the Applications folder.

If the user doing the installation does not have Administrator permissions, MailSuite will ask for an Administrator username and password to continue.

The MailSuite app can also be installed by dragging the app directly into the Applications folder. Administrative privileges are still required.

Mounted dmg for installation

Mojave and Higher

Before you can install the component you need, you will be asked to give the MailSuite app “FullDisk Access” in the System Preferernces “Security & Privacy” setting

Give MailSuite 'FullDisck Access'

To add components, open the MailSuite app, select “Install, Remove and Update MailSuite Components” and install the components you want to use.

MailSuite welcome screen

Install Components window in MailSuite app

In macOS 10.14 or higher, when you first start Mail after adding the components, you will need to enable the MailSuite plugin in the “Manage Plug-ins” setting from the General tab of Mail’s preferences.

Window to enable MailSuite plugin

Managing Components

To manage components from Mail, go to Manage MailSuite Components through Mail’s main menu: Mail»SmallCubed Mailsuit»Manage MailSuite Components.

Access 'Manage MailSuite Components'

Use Manage MailSuite Components to install, update and remove components.

Manage MailSuite Components can also be access directly from the MailSuite App.

Finding Components Settings

Once a component is installed you can access its settings through tabs in Mail’s preferences.

Component settings display as tabs in Mail preferences

The settings for SigPro are in the “Signatures” tab of Mail’s preferences.

SigPro preferences in the Signature tab of Mail's preferences

Contact Information

If you have further questions, or MailSuite doesn't act as you expect, you can contact us at the following email address: