Keap workflow inside Mail

Use Tealeaves to help you read the future of your clients with Keap,
by giving you direct access to their information from within Mail.

Tealeaves helps you read the future of your clients with Infusionsoft.
At just $10 per month / user. Tealeaves is a productivity tool you can afford.

Tealeaves adds a sidebar to the right of Mail’s main window, giving you immediate access to the details about your client that are stored in your Infusionsoft application.
You can add new customers directly into Infusionsoft from the plugin. This allows you to ensure that any new customers you receive email from can be quickly added to Infusionsoft without disrupting your workflow to have to go into the Infusionsoft site.
Track all of the interactions you have with your clients directly in Infusionsoft by adding those emails into Infusionsoft.
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Tealeaves shows all of the data for a customer from Infusionsoft right where you can see it. Giving you insight into your customer as needed without having to switch to a different application.
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Create new Tasks & Notes in Infusionsoft right now! You can add files to the filebox for the user and even open them directly from the sidebar to view locally. You can start a Campaigns by adding a Tag and you can even add new customers directly from Mail.
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If you like to ensure that all of your email interactions with a user are consolidated in a single place, you can add each message into Infusionsoft as you send them and receive them, so there are directly associated with the client.


USD $10.00/Agent/Month
USD $110.00/Agent/Year