MailSuite 2020 - What's New

We are now referring to MailSuite and all components by their year of major release. This will help simplify version referencing.

  • Big Sur - Mail 14.0 in Big Sur made major under-the-hood changes to message management and storage of messages in Mail’s internal database. MailSuite 2020 provides compatibility with these substantive changes

New Tagging Window

Big Sur tagging window

Redisigned to be more responsive and compact, and to fit the “Big Sur” look.

Each area will display a placeholder name. As you rollover, the relevant controls (fields, buttons etc) the data entry filed becomes visible.

The "Clear Tags" button moved to be to the right of the title line.
Clear all tags button
Big Sur tagging window

If a specific tag field is set, a clear tag icon will appear to the right of the tag field. Clicking this will clear only the value for that field.

If you have altered any field, hold down the option key to change the clear tag button to an undo button.
Clear all tags button
This will revert the field to the value that was set at the time the window opened. Clicking the revert in the Subject area will revert all tag changes.
Command Return will still close the window and save tag changes
Esc will still close the window and discard changes

Using the keyboard to change focus

  1. You can use the "tab" and "shift-tab" keys to move the focused control forward and backwards.
  2. You can also use "cmd-up" and "cmd-down" arrow to move forward and backwards.
  3. Use "cmd-#" to jump to specific sections (cmd-1 to select the first field, cmd 2 to select the second ...)


Project Auto Complete
Project is now an autocompletion field. On entering the field, the auto completion window will show.

You can type an arbitrary project name to assign a project that is not in the preferred list. Use the down arrow to shift focus from the project field to the suggestions list.


Click the disclosure arrow to show/hide list of preferred keywords.
Keywords closed
Tagging window with multiple messafes selected that have multiple projects
Start typing a keyword to get suggestions. You can type an keyword not in the list to arbitrarily create a keyword.
If you rollover a keyword, a red delete button will appear on the right of a keyword, you can remove the keyword by clicking this (or selecting keyword and hitting delete, or by toggling the keyword from the list below the field)
Delete Keywords

Labels vs keywords vs muted labels

Seeing muted Labels in tagging window
If you are tagging a gmail message, the values will appear according to their type. New to this version, muted labels will appear in the keyword list if they have been assigned. (They will not appear on the message).
This allows you to remove muted labels or even assign muted labels. (Note that to assign a muted label, you must type in the label name as if it were an arbitrary keyword.


Entering Importance Tag Viewing Importance Tag
Rolling over the importance field shows the importance levels, the dot below shows the current selection.
After selecting, the importance section will show the importance with an appropriate label.


Colour works similarly to importance, the dot below shows the current selection.
After selecting a colour, only the colour sected shows.
Entering Colour Tag Viewing Colour Tag

Review Date - Aka Tickle Date

Entering Importance Tag Viewing Importance Tag
Focusing on an empty review date field will show the suggestions list that initial includes your presets set in MailTags preferences
Start typing to receive date suggestions reflecting what you typed. Date suggestions will show as labels reflecting your preferences as well as the specific dates.


Notes work similarly to notes in previous versions.
Note as subject — currently we have removed this and we are planning to add a new distinct field “Alternate subject” that you can apply to a message.
This would allow you to have both an alternative subject and a note on a message. We expect this to be complete in a few weeks.

Calendar (Task and Events)

Calendar Tasks and Events have been removed at the moment.
We are working hard to get this back in

Tagging multiple messages

Tagging window with multiple messafes selected that have multiple projects
When tagging multiple messages, if there are different tags on messages, the value will show as such in each field.
If you change the value, the new value will be set on all messages. If you do not alter this value, the tags will not be changed.

Keywords on Multiple Messages

In previous versions, editing keywords on multiple messages involved a field of keywords to add and remove. We have changed this so that the usage of the keyword appears as a control to the left of the keyword.
If a keyword appears on some of the messages, it will appear as 1 horizontal bar. As with keyword “Foobar”. If the keyword is on all messages, it will have 2 bars. As with keyword “@Action”.
Taggmng window with multiple keywords
Click the control to toggle from one to two bars.
Newly added keywords will not have this control and it will be applied to all messages. Delete a keyword to remove from all messages. If you remove a keyword and add it back it will remember which messages it originally belonged to.