MailSuite 2019 - BETA Catalina

Before the link, there are a few things to note. We have tested it already with a couple of people outside our immediate team and have ironed out some initial kinks. However, we need more feedback.
  1. The beta has been tested on Catalina, Mojave and High Sierra. We will continue to test internally (i.e. Sierra) over then next few weeks.

  2. Localizations are not entirely in place. If you are using a Non-English localization, there will be some unlocalized strings and layout issues. We will be addressing this as soon as we can.

  3. We are on the lookout for:
    1. Crashes and hangs:
      1. if you experience a crash or hang, please send us a crash reports and logs located at ~/Library/Mail/PluginLogs/pluginConsole.log
      2. Please let us know which components are installed
    2. Missing or unexpected behaviour.
    3. General observations on the installation process and working with the Suite.

  4. We have added several new features and improvements to MailSuite 2019. We would appreciate any feedback on these changes as well. See "Whats New" in MailSuite 2019.

  5. The upgrade to MailSuite 2019 is a USD30 paid upgrade. If you purchased MailSuite after June 1, 2019, your upgrade is free.
  • If your email is critical to your workflow, we caution people to not use beta OS releases as they may contain issues that will disrupt your workflow


  • The latest version of MacOs 10.12 to MacOs 10.15
  • Mail 13.0 or higher

Release 2.0.0

(2019-10-17 17:28)


    This new beta consolidates some earlier fixes in earlier betas. Removes the need for new users to select the beta feed for the Public Beta cycle. ie Public Beta builds will always check the beta feed.

  • Fixed: Fixes issues with installation on macOS 10.15
  • Fixed: Improves debug logs
  • Fixed: Issues with checking for updates and ensure current version of MailBundle
  • Fixed: Problem where common code not installed if user clicks to upgrade from past versions of software
  • OS Support: Adds Compatibility with macOS 10.15 Catalina