Easy Signature Control

SigPro gives you the ability to create a signature once and use it for all accounts, even if it has account specific info in it, like your email address. Elements that can be added generically include the email address, user name & account name.

Insert Content From a Script

Using SigPro, you can insert whatever text you want into your signature by calling a script at the moment the message is created. The possibilities are endless using this capability!

Include Random Quotes

If you like to have a witty quote in your email messages, you can compile a list of them in a text file and SigPro will insert a random one for you in each new message.

Signature with iTunes Info

Show What You are Listening To

If you like to show the world what you are listening to while working, SigPro has you covered, allowing you to display what is currently happening in iTunes. You can even customize the output based on whether music is playing, paused or stopped.

Special Content for Each Account or Alias

Each of your email accounts - and even the aliases within an account - can have separate customized content. So you can add that long disclaimer section to your work account, while having a different look and feel to your other aliases. The image to the left shows 2 distinct signature for each alias on an account.

Alias Signatures

Set Signature Content

Easily Set Signature Content

With SigPro, it’s easy to set the content of your signatures to complex mockups. If you have a webpage that you want to make into a signature, SigPro allows you to simply enter the address or open the html file and insert the contents. You can add links and images that are on the web as well.


  • The latest version of El Capitan 10.11, macOS Sierra 10.12 or macOS High Sierra 10.13
  • Mail

Release 2.1.4

(2018-06-22 15:30:36)

  • Fixed: Fix issue where mail would hang sometimes with SpamSieve
  • Fixed: Fixes issue where during start SigPro is blocking the app completion code.

Release 2.1.3

(2018-03-15 11:29:54)

  • Fixed: Ensure that the min size of the prefs window is never more than 90% of the current screen size.
  • Fixed: Fix issue where sometimes the context menu would not display the SigPro Replace items.
  • Fixed: Fix issue where the alt description was not being set in images using the Image w/URL tag.

See all of the release notes for SigPro

Download the Yosemite/Maverick version