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Release Notes


  • The latest version of MacOS 10.11 to MacOS 10.15
  • Mail
  • Keap Account

Release 1.0.3

(2019-10-28 15:19)


  • Fixed: Fix issue when trying to edit notes or tasks.
  • OS Support: Added Support for Catalina (OS X 10.15)

Release 1.0.2

(2019-05-20 14:43)

  • Fixed: Made more compatible with other plugins.
  • Fixed: Removed notarization that was causing issues for some users.

Release 1.0.1

(2019-05-14 23:45)

  • New: The Tealeaves App is now Notarized by Apple.
  • Fixed: Made more compatible with other plugins.

Release 1.0.0

(2019-01-21 15:34)

    Tealeaves 1.0.0 is the release of SmallCubed‘s Tealeaves product that extends Apple‘s Mail to integrate with Infusionsoft. The app itself is a tool to manage the Tealeaves plugin (now at version 2.9) inside Mail.

  • Fixed: Ensure that there is always a line after the Add to Infusionsoft button
  • Fixed: Fix the way that config URLs are handle to work more consistently.
  • Fixed: Fixes issue where the InApp Subscription Purchase would have zero price and/or fail.
  • Fixed: Fixes issue where the manage subscription buttons would not be displayed properly.
  • Fixed: Fixes issue where the trial expiration date would not show before opening the prefs.
  • OS Support: Make compatible and useable with Dark Mode, though it is not using Dark Mode well yet.
  • OS Support: Remove support for macOS 10.9 (Mavericks)