MailSuite 2019 - What's New

We are now referring to MailSuite and all components by their year of major release. This will help simplify version referencing.

  • Catalina Compatibility - Mail 13.0 in Catalina made major under-the-hood changes to message management and storage of messages in Mail’s internal database. MailSuite 2019 provides compatibility with these substantive changes
  • Improved AppleScript architecture AppleScript vocabulary can now be directed to “SmallCubed MailSuite” instead of Mail for a more fluid scripting environment. Open SmallCubed MailSuite in Script Editor for full details.

MailTags 2019

  • AppleScript: MailTags Rule actions and criteria can now be scripted.
  • AppleScript: You can now add, edit, remove preferred keywords and projects via AppleScript.
  • Improvements to Project editing (more improvements on their way too)
  • Tickle Date completion now includes completions related to a message’s date (not just today)
  • Tickle Date Rule Actions simplified.
  • Improved Tag Syncing upgrades to the MailSuite tagging services

Mail Act-On 2019

  • Day and Time Outbox Rule Criteria: You can now run outbox rules based on the day/time a message is queued for sending. (e.g. if after 5 pm on weekdays, delay the message until 9 am the following morning)
  • AppleScript: Outbox and Act-On rules can now be created and modified via AppleScript.
  • Compose with Template: You can now create new messages from your templates.
  • New Menu display options: You can now specify menu font size and alternating row color.
  • Move/Copy Message menu can now limit mailbox list to account(s) of selected message(s).
  • Move/Copy Message menu now displays path to mailboxes.
  • Open Destination Mailbox after Move/Copy (hold down option key when selecting destination)

Mail Perspectives 2019

  • The collection and display of messages is now much faster and uses less memory
  • TouchBar is now supported for Mail Perspectives panes and previews
  • Badge preferences now include an option to show badges in Dock (default on). Turn off to use Mail’s standard dock badge
  • Badge colors can now be set using standard color picker
  • Perspective’s contextual menu now contains ‘Reply with Template’ item (if Mail Act-On is installed)
  • Right-clicking Perspectives ‘Compose’ toolbar item shows a menu with the option to “Compose with Template” (if Mail Act-On is installed)
  • Pressing ‘F’ key flags a message in perspective pane and preview
  • Pressing ‘T’ key brings up the tagging window for selected message (if MailTags is installed)

SigPro 2019

  • A new design for Signature Management
  • New “Preview Signature” option when editing/viewing
  • New Import, Export & Duplicate Signatures
  • Improved Contextual menu for editing of Signatures
  • Quote section comes with ready to use quotes by categories
  • New Add multiple files of quotes (grouped as categories)