Press Kit

If you are interested in reviewing our software for a publication or website, this press kit provides you with essential information to assist you.

Review License and Guidelines

Reviewers can ask for complimentary software registration by sending an email to In the request, please include details about the publication and readership, the expected publication date or issue release, the name and contact information for the reviewer, and any particular requirements needed.

Upon completion and publication of the review, we would appreciate a heads up and a copy of the review for our archives. We may choose to use portions of your review in our promotional materials. Should we wish to do so, we will contact you for specific permission and request any relevant graphics or further information.

About SmallCubed

SmallCubed Inc is a small team working from Vancouver Island, Canada and Cascais Portugal. We specialize in developing productivity enhancements for Apple’s Mail application. SmallCubed began in 2015 with the merger of Indev Software, Canada) and Little Known Software, Poland at that time. Both companies had been making plugins for Apple Mail for over ten years. With their combined expertise SmallCubed has become the leading developer of plugins for Mail. In 2018 we combined our previous four plugins into a single product called MailSuite. MailSuite allows you to install our Mail components; four power tools that aid in processing, organizing, monitoring and signing of email messages. We also have a subscription plugin that integrates Mail with Infusionsoft’s CRM.

SmallCubed Products


MailSuite is our management hub. It facilitates the installation of our Mail management tools: MailTags, Mail Act-On, SigPro and Mail Perspectives. MailSuite also coordinates the communication between Mail and individual components and the components with other third-party applications such as Omni Focus or Things.

Link to product page and download:
Requirements: OS X 10.11, or higher

Mailsuite Components

  • Mail Act-On

    Mail Act-On is the indispensable tool for efficiently processing your incoming and outgoing email. Mail Act-On extends Mail’s rule system to provide outbox and on-demand (keystroke) rules to provide a more complete rule-based workflow for processing messages.

  • MailTags

    MailTags is our tool for creating a sophisticated email organizational system by giving users the power to “tag” (add extra information to) messages. MailTags additional information can be more than just labels or keywords and includes project fields, priority information, tickle (reminder) dates and full notes. MailTags works with most email servers and allows you to sync your tag data if you work on more than one computer

  • Mail Perspectives

    Mail Perspectives helps users monitor their mail ecosystem more effectively. By creating compact perspective windows, the contents of critical mailboxes are always visible so that important messages do not become lost after they leave the inbox. Mail Perspective also allows you to set Badges on significant mailboxes, providing a discrete visual notification when new messages arrive.

  • SigPro

    SigPro rounds out our collection, giving users the ability to create easily customized signatures. Built-in scripts can further customize signatures by including random quotes or the iTunes song currently playing. On top of that, users can add customized scripts, to include their last blog post, Instagram image, or FaceBook comment, the possibilities are endless.


For users of Infusionsoft, Tealeaves adds access to client details stored in Infusionsoft. Additionally, from Mail, Infusionsoft users can add new customers to their CRM and track all client emails.

Link to product page and download:
Requirements: OS X 10.9, or higher

Trial and Purchase

MailSuite and Tealeaves come with a free 30-day trial. Trials can be extended on request by contacting us at

Continued use of the products requires the purchase of a registration code from our online stores:


Pricing (in USD and subject to change) is as follows

MailSuite: $60.00

Purchases by individuals are licensed to the individual. The software may be installed on multiple computers with a single license as long as the individual is the one using Mail on those machines.

Organizational/Institutional licenses vary depending on the intent of use - contact for more detail.


  • Monthy $10.00 /user/month
  • Annually $110.00 /user/year

Smallcubed does provide volume and educations/non-profit pricing. Contact

SmallCubed Support

We maintain a support system at where users can get support or ask questions. Our support staff work 9 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday (excluding holidays) CST (UTC -0600). We strive to respond to support issues within 24 hours.


A collection of high-resolution product icons and images can be downloaded in zip format, or you can select individual images from our image gallery.

If you have any questions or support needs during the review process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Beth Wall
Business Manager
Smallcubed Software

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