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Build Flexible Organization

Use MailTags to escape the constraints of folders and organize your messages by keywords, projects, importance, color, due dates and more. Quickly tag your messages using MailTags fluid tagging window.

Search Tags & Find Mail

Use MailTags' powerful search and smart mailbox integration to quickly locate your messages. MailTags data is concisely displayed inline with your messages and dynamically color messages based on importance, project, or upcoming date.

Create Email Workflow

Create rules to automatically assign tags to your incoming messages. Add tags to your messages as you compose. Combine Mail Act-On, and other applications to fully integrate your email into your workflow.

MailTags Tagging window


MailTags goes well beyond keywords to allow a range of tag data including Keywords, GMail Labels, Finder Tags, Projects, Tickle Dates, Importance, Notes, Events and Tasks. Use MailTags flexible tagging window to set and edit tags on messages. New to MailTags 4 are full GMail Label support.


MailTags displays your tags in both message lists and full message view making it easy to view your tags at a glance. Draw attention to important messages by prioritizing a message's color based on project, importance, tickle dates or more.

See MailTags in message view

Sample Smart Mailbox with name 'Important and Current' with any of the criteria 'MailTags importance is above normal' or 'MailTags Tickle Date is within 3 days' or 'MailTags Project is equal to Budget' or 'MailTags Keyword is equal to follow-up'


MailTags integrates into Mail's search and smart mailboxes so that your tags become powerful way of finding messages. MailTags also organizes your time sensitive messages into tickle mailboxes so you can always see messages that need attention today, tomorrow or soon.


Mail's rule system is made more powerful with the addition of MailTags actions to automatically add tags to new messages, and even inherit tags from older messages in a discussion. Combine MailTags with Mail Act-On to create sophisticated tag based workflows work on demand and when sending messages.

MailTag rule called 'Set Tickle and High Importance' with any of the criteria 'MialTags Keyword is equal to Keats Account' or 'from contians paul@keatsadvertising' Perform actions 'inherit keywords', 'Set mailTags importance High', and 'Adjust Tickle 3 days from today'

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MailTags operates with most IMAP servers, Exchange Servers and Gmail Servers. Set your tags on one computer and view them on another. (Please note that Gmail Servers will only save GMail Label tags. All other tags are stored on the computer.)


  • The latest version of El Capitan 10.11 and macOS Sierra 10.12
  • Mail

Release 5.0.5

(2017-06-13 16:49:50)

    Addresses performance and other issues

  • Fixed: Changing count frequency in preference now has immediate effect.
  • Fixed: Compatibility with reading projects from Things 3
  • Fixed: Critical performance issues when working with Gmail Accounts in some instances
  • Fixed: Fixes issue with indexing of keywords as Finder tags.
  • Fixed: Issue with Mail Library conflicts when working with gmail accounts.
  • Fixed: Performance improvements when counting messages and loading tags from database.
  • Fixed: Potential Display of unintended unicode characters in keywords.
  • Fixed: Tags not updating in message list immediately.
  • Fixed: Tags set on Composer via Applescript not being preserved.
  • Fixed: Use of escape to exit tag window improperly also exiting full screen mode.

Release 5.0.4

(2017-03-14 17:23:23)

    Provides macOS 10.12.4 compatibility and addresses performance and other issues

  • New: Adds Count Frequency to Messages Preference tab. Reduce frequency if you are experiencing CPU or performance issues.
  • Fixed: Addresses issue where Mail may appear blank in some instances. Message content in these cases are still available on servers.
  • Fixed: Crash caused by potential circular smart mailbox criterion.
  • Fixed: Crash when exporting MailTags smart mailboxes.
  • Fixed: Fixes issue with archiving messages immediately after tagging.
  • Fixed: Issue with multiple Gmail draft messages.
  • Fixed: Issues indexing tags for searching via Spotlight and Finder searches.
  • Fixed: Issues with validating registration is excess returns and spaces.
  • Fixed: Keywords now appear in alphabetic order in sort configuration menus.
  • Fixed: Message Color not updating when pasting tags containing color.
  • Fixed: Performance issue when displaying messages snippet views.
  • Fixed: Problem copying Message URL if message-id contained % character.
  • Fixed: Problems validating extended trial codes.
  • Fixed: Problems when sorting threads by date sent in classic view.
  • Fixed: Rollover toolbar buttons overlapping in some cases.
  • Fixed: Sorting issues when opening mailboxes in classic view.
  • Fixed: Stability issue on 10.11 for Public Beta of March 2, 2017
  • Fixed: Tickle Date completion suggesting past dates when it should be future dates.
  • Fixed: Waiting for reply issues on Exchange servers.
  • OS Support: Adds compatibility for macOS 10.12.4.

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Download the Yosemite/Maverick version