Scan Your Messages Easily

Your email is often something you want close at hand but never in the way. Whether you want to see the latest message or the recent message list, Mail Perspective's compact window design means your email can always be visually available, but never the focus of your attention until you need it.

Monitor Important Mailboxes

Sure your inbox is important -- but if you are like many Mail users, you probably have several mailboxes which are just as important if not more so. Use Mail Perspectives to create a compact Perspective window for each of your critical mailboxes. Use the All/New/Today bar to tailor which messages they will show.

Tame Mail Window Chaos

Navigating Mail's windows can be a handful when you want to open different viewers, mailboxes to find messages. With Mail Perspectives you can set up multi-paned windows. Expand the space when you need it and hide all windows with a keystroke. It's like coming home to tranquility after a busy afternoon of running errands.

Work Space View

Windows Into Organization

Mail Perspectives provides multiple views to Mail to give you new ways to keep your Mail workspace both visually and efficiently organized.

Flexible Perspectives Windows

Designed to show you only the essentials, Perspective windows can be display with either single or multiple panes for easy grouping and movement around the screen. A pane represents a mailbox whose the criteria can be set separately.

multiview image

previewwindow image

Previews On Demand

Tap space on for the selected message to view its full content in a handy Quick Look window. When you are finished with the message, just tap space again to close it or keep the window Quick Look open and navigate through your message list.

Badge it - Watch it

Display critical message counts in your menu bar and on Mail's Dock icon with Badges. Assign a badge of multiple shapes and colors to any perspectives pane to easily monitor its all, new, or today messages even when Mail is not the front application. Instantly bring messages to the front by clicking the badge. (New with Mail Perspectives 2.1! )

image shows setting a badge and then being able to view it in the menu bar, on the Perspectives window and on the Mail icon in the Launch bar

MailTags and Mail Act-On icons

Incredible Integration

Mail Perspectives work with all Mail Accounts and types of Mailboxes, including GMail and Smart Mailboxes. It integrates with our other Mail Plugins: MailTags and Mail Act-On, to give a powerful trio to organize your Mail.


  • The latest version of El Capitan 10.11, macOS Sierra 10.12 or macOS High Sierra 10.13
  • Mail

Release 2.2.1

(2018-03-20 15:37:55)

  • New: Registering Mail Perspectives with a SmallCubed suite code will now register other SmallCubed suite products.
  • New: Tip Jar access added to Mail Perspectives product menu and registration sheet.
  • Fixed: Adds shortcut to toggle message flagged status to Perspectives contextual menus.
  • Fixed: CPU usage and stability issues when fetching search results for Perspective windows.
  • Fixed: Incorrect shadow effect on badges.
  • Fixed: Issue with toggling flags.
  • Fixed: Layout issues when showing and hiding toolbar in Perspective windows.
  • Fixed: Not updating message in preview window when switching between messages in same conversation.
  • Fixed: Potential stability issues at launch time.

Release 2.2

(2017-09-25 10:31:15)

    Mail Perspectives 2.2 introduces compatibility with macOS 10.13 High Sierra alongside minor interface improvements and bug fixes.

  • New: Adds Apply Inbox Rules menu item to contextual menu of perspective Panes.
  • New: Adds information sheet about hide vs close when closing perspectives windows.
  • New: Can now use cmd-up/down arrow to navigate previewed message while MAO window is open.
  • Fixed: Cannot copy text from messages shown in preview window.
  • Fixed: Changes to inbox badges not saved when no perspective windows visible.
  • Fixed: Changes to window not saved consistently when window closed.
  • Fixed: Fixes logic error when displaying High Sierra welcome window. Welcome window may show a second time for some users.
  • Fixed: MailTags notes now showing as subject in perspectives windows.
  • Fixed: Message changing in preview window if new message arrives in different pane
  • Fixed: Pane contents not automatically updating after date change.
  • Fixed: Previewed message not updating after Mail Act-On action cause messages to be removed.
  • Fixed: Quick Looking attachments in preview window not working.
  • OS Support: High Sierra Compatibility.

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Download the Yosemite/Maverick version