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MacOS Sierra Seed Releases

New builds for Sierra Seed releases

MacOS Sierra Seed Releases

  • When seeds are posted, we perform a quick audit, analysis and testing of the internal changes to Mail. As necessary, we will make change in our code to ensure compatibility.
  • Using tools or techniques to enable plugins disabled by development/beta OS seeds is not advised as potential internal changes to Mail may lead to stability issues or even data loss.
  • If your email is critical to your workflow, we caution people to not use beta OS releases as they may contain issues that will interrupt your email until fixes can be devised.


Preview Release 5.0.4

(2017-01-24 20:29:37)

Mail Act-On

Preview Release 4.0.3

(2017-01-24 20:16:04)

Mail Perspectives

Preview Release 2.1.0

(2017-01-24 20:57:55)


Preview Release 2.0.4

(2017-01-26 14:00:12)