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Our High Sierra compatible beta releases are available for MailTags, Mail Act-On, and Mail Perspectives. We will have one for SigPro out later this month.

However, as Apple makes many changes to its code during the Public Beta Testing period of a new OS release, we have decided this year to not put out a release after every public beta, but instead to put out a monthly release until the Gold Master, and hopefully stable code. We will be putting out our next updates in mid September.

If you are thinking of installing High Sierra, please keep in mind:

  • If your email is critical to your workflow, we caution people to not use beta OS releases as they may contain issues that will interrupt your email until fixes can be devised.
  • Using tools or techniques to enable plugins disabled by development/beta OS seeds is not advised as potential internal changes to Mail may lead to stability issues or even data loss.

These beta plugins work with MacOS High Sierra 10.13 17A344b.

Future updates to the developlment seeds by Apple may break these versions.


Preview Release 5.1

(2017-08-18 17:41:43)

Mail Act-On

Preview Release 4.1

(2017-08-18 17:42:27)

Mail Perspectives

Preview Release 2.2

(2017-08-18 17:40:50)


Preview Release 2.1

(2017-08-17 16:12:31)


Preview Release 2.8

(2017-08-18 10:55:48)

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